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Executive Order Protest

When I was informed of the protest taking place this past weekend, I had to photograph it. I've never shot a protest, let alone been to one. I went with an open mind and focused on capturing the protest as I experienced it. The protest consisted of all peoples from all walks of life united by one cause. Protesters were friendly to one another and to law enforcement as well. There were many instances of protesters thanking the police officers for their service. As the protest proceeded down it's route, bystanders quickly took out their phones and captured images, video or whatever they could. During my time shooting, all I could think of was "this is what makes America a great nation to live in." We are capable of protesting openly and freely. The ability to express dissent over a government action without fearing violence or death. When the protest came back to the original gathering place, the people disbanded peacefully. Some lingered to talk with each other and the police. It was a great and inspiring experience. I know all protests are not like this, but this was a great protest to experience for my first one.